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Health insurance options today are a mix of complex government programs with many ‘Dead-End’ roads and ways to go wrong!  Many people, including Exchange Navigators, often Do Not Know WHAT They Do Not Know!!  You need a Healthcare professional and government benefits specialist at DMC GROUP to help avoid healthcare costs as the #1 reason for bankruptcy today.                     


The 8 Most Important Points about American Health Care Act insurance plans!

1.  The Health Care Exchange will just be another optional method to enroll in health insurance but will it be short-sighted without a healthcare consultant?  DO NOT rely on doing it yourself or using a NAVIGATOR to enroll. 

2.  Health Insurance can be more important than insurance on your house or car.  Now is the time to buy because health insurance costs can be much lower NOW than you think.  Are you currently uninsured or insured with relatively good health?  Do you have pre-existing medical conditions?

3.  Decide if you can afford an American Health Care Act plan and request financial assistance if you qualify.  A study of the risks, alternatives and consequences of buying verses not buying, is another reason to insist on a healthcare consultant to help you navigate our rapidly changing healthcare market place or insurance exchange.

4.  Your employer may offer coverage or provide health care dollars to spend in the American Health Care Act marketplace or exchange. Group coverage, particularly when it’s employer-subsidized, is usually a better deal than anything you can get on your own.  The American Health Care Act plans may be available to employees as a group or individual plans at comparable rates from insurance companies on the Health Care Exchange marketplace.  You need to request a professional to help with important and complex decisions that involve healthcare as the #1 reason for bankruptcy.

5.  Comparing American Health Care Act plans will be necessary and supposedly easier.  You may be able to choose from four levels of standard coverage: bronze, silver, gold and platinum.  The costs will vary as will the coverage and the resulting level of financial risk to which you are exposed. Not even these standard basics are simple when considering the intertwined mix of government programs and healthcare.

6. The lowest premium isn’t always the best plan NOR is the highest premium always the worst plan.  Just as we knew healthcare insurance last year to involve great financial risk;  we will know healthcare next year to represent even GREATER financial risk as the #1 reason for bankruptcy.

7.  Even good coverage can have big loopholes.  That’s why the importance of low cost supplemental plans will continue to be effective when coordinated with the right health insurance plan to reduce your overall risk.  The moving parts to health insurance (deductible, co-insurance, co-pay amounts) need to match-up with the coverage loopholes.

8.  You could pay much more TOMORROW for having a ‘Small Picture’ view of healthcare and government benefits TODAY.  All this talk of financial risk, insurance plan options, and the government reinforce the exact nature of the Mark Twain quote on our Home page.  The government’s involvement in our life just took a giant step forward with chances of more involvement dramatically increasing as we retire and/or age.  DMC GROUP takes pride in giving customers the ‘Big View’ picture of our constantly changing healthcare industry.

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Do not cancel any in-force health coverage until you have received written formal approval of acceptance from the company you select. Rates shown are based upon the information you provided, and are subject to change based on the health plan’s underwriting practices and your selection of available optional benefits, if any. Final rates and effective dates are subject to underwriting and are always determined by the health insurance company. To be considered for reimbursement, expenses must qualify as covered expenses. View the product brochure for more detailed information on the health plans or contact our Licensed Broker Consultants .


The monthly premium (price) quotes are only estimates. The insurance carrier will determine the final rate based on a number of factors such as medical history, optional benefits, etc. Insurance companies also reserve the right to change the terms of a policy with proper disclosure and notification.

Effective Dates

The estimate of the monthly premium (price) is based on the requested effective date provided. The actual effective date may differ from the requested effective date and your premiums may also differ.

Summary Information Only

This site was designed to provide you with a brief summary of benefits for the plans you may be interested. Please note that it does not include all the benefits, limitations, exclusions, renewal terms, pre-existing condition exclusions and out-of-network penalties outlined in the policies. It is the insurance policy or certificate of coverage, not the general descriptions on this website, which forms the contract between you and the insurance company.

The use of the website and its material, some of it supplied by third parties, is at your own risk. Although we strive to provide the most current and complete information on this website, we make no representations about the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the material found here. Please note that updates are made periodically to the website and we reserve the right to make them at any time.  Again, it is our strong recommendation that you speak to one of our  professional insurance consultants to help walk you through this process to find the most affordable fit with the best benefits that protect your right to future government benefits.

General Disclaimers

This screen is intended only as general information. It presents only a brief overview of some of the standard benefits of the plan(s) shown. Optional benefits may be available for additional premium.

Before you apply, please review the product information for a more complete explanation of benefits, exclusions (including any that may apply to preexisting conditions), limitations, terms under which the plan(s) may not be renewed or benefits may be reduced, and any state variations applicable to any of these items.

You must meet the insurance company eligibility requirements in order to become insured, which may include medical underwriting. There is no coverage until you are informed in writing that your application has been processed and approved.

To be considered for reimbursement, expenses must qualify as “covered expenses” under an insurance policy, and are also subject to all other policy provisions, such as deductible, reasonable and customary limits, or whether or not they were necessary.

Estimated Premiums are based on the information you provide, and is subject to change based on the plan you select, optional benefits you select (if any), and other factors. Each insurance company will determine the premium actually required, and the effective date of any coverage issued.

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