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The Alternative to Obamacare Health Insurance…..exempt from penalty

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SEE HOW GOOD IT CAN GET FOR YOU!  The government’s healthcare insurance is a complex process with many ways to go wrong.  TV video_gifWhat Navigators’ and agent’s DON’T KNOW can hurt you!  Get the best guidance at DMC GROUP from a Broker/Consultant with hundreds of hours working on private & government healthcare exchanges.

Our customer support includes cheapest surgery, medical procedure cost, drug pricing & other information that draws on our experience in hospital administration, rehabilitation management and healthcare law.

~ New Bankruptcy Cases Mostly Due to Health Care Costs ~

Statistics show that accidents and illness represent nearly 85% of this risk for persons under 65.Read More

Therefore, Accident Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance  or Disability Income Insurance are great supplements to help cover the majority of Under 50 risk that is not covered well by Health Insurance.  See how a high-deductible health insurance plan coupled with one or more of these plans can provide better coverage than a low-deductible health insurance plan alone.

Younger ages may not qualify for affordable health insurance due to pre-existing conditions while COBRA  and employer group plans may be too expensive.  DMC GROUP knows COBRA law and can assist you and spouse with COBRA options that may extend coverage or allow a no-break  transition to Medicare coverage at age 65.

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