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Medicare is COMPLEX and very difficult to understand!  Call NOW: 317-823-3713

That is why doctors & hospitals sometimes ask DMC GROUP to explain Medicare to their staff.  YOU CAN BE HURT by what you don’t know, what your friends/family don’t know and what your insurance sales agent does not bother telling you.Read More

An independent insurance Broker-Consultant with valuable FREE support is best!!

Medicare insurance known as Medicare Supplement plans, Medicare Advantage plans and prescription drug plans help cover the benefit gaps in traditional Medicare A & B.

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These plans may cover the most of what traditional Medicare does not cover with 10 STANDARD plans by different insurance companies at different costs. They do not cover prescription drugs and usually require a separate Part D plan.    It pays to shop-around with a Broker.

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These plans offer more affordable monthly premiums but NON-STANDARD benefits that may vary considerably and include more co-pay amounts you must pay for services.  These plans may restrict your choice of doctors and hospitals that are in-network.  Medicare Advantage plans often include extra benefits that Medicare Supplement(Medigap) plans do not cover like prescription drugs, dental, vision, etc.

Medicare insurance plans cover most people age 65 and older or disabled.

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There are possible penalties and coverage gaps in Medicare health insurance plans or prescription drug plans. Medicare has limited coverage for home health care, assisted living, or nursing homes. Visit the Medicare website to learn more OR CALL US NOW: 317-823-3713 

Medicare benefits are grouped into parts – A, B, C and D

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Medicare Part DRead More

DMC GROUP will go the ‘extra mile’ to research exactly what plan Medicare recommends to cover your own personal medicines at the lowest TOTAL ANNUAL cost.Read More

Medicare has more than 40 booklets to help people understand the program

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Medicare publications


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— Medicare FAQs, Tips and Nasty Surprises —

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Some attorneys and insurance agents know just enough to be dangerous but many wise professionals work with experienced sources like DMC Group to seek guidance on Medicare, Medicaid and senior concerns.  See our testimonials here.

Bottom line – For the exact same money; Would you rather have a sales agent or a Broker/Consultant with valuable free support?

Your DMC Group insurance broker/consultant can provide the Big Picture view based on real-life work experience with Medicare & Medicaid, hospital, nursing home, assisted living and Elder Law. 


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