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Over 90% of us think funeral insurance and planning is a good idea and recognize that sparing loved ones the emotional and financial burden is important.  Without a crystal ball to identify our final day on this earth, we usually procrastinate which increases the impact of government programs on our life:

“No man’s life, liberty or happiness
are safe while the legislature is in session”
  Mark Twain

Medicaid was born of the legislature to help the poor but today functions more as a safety net for the middle class ~ if you do proper planning.  Certain qualified funeral insurance plans may be the most basic step you can take to protect your assets from being taken over if future healthcare costs exceed available finances.

One customer retired as a school teacher and had over $400,000 thought to be a comfortable retirement.  Then her health started to decline and she went in and out of the hospital with long term rehab in a nursing home over a two year period.  Suddenly the nursing home told her she only had $50,000 left and would have to apply for Medicaid.  The daughter called DMC Group and proper legal use of a qualified funeral insurance plan immediately allowed the family to keep the remaining money from Medicaid.  Free consulting from DMC Group could have provided a plan for additional ways to protect more financial assets if done before the need for long term care.

I would like to introduce you to a new idea to protect your financial assets and, at the same time, spare your loved ones future financial stress. The funeral expense plan involves setting money aside to pay for your final expenses — and leaving money to a beneficiary of your choosing — using a small life insurance policy assigned to a dedicated Funeral Trust.

This plan accomplishes two major goals for you. The first priority is to protect assets, set aside, and dedicate funds to cover your final expenses. By setting aside funds, you remove the potential of financial strain to your heirs. The second accomplishment is that any funds remaining are paid to a beneficiary of your choosing. While you may have other plans to leave money to certain beneficiaries, those funds may be delayed in probate. Your money is typically paid out within two business days.     CONTACT US


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