Dan W

Dave is a rare-bird in today’s competitive global economy: an honest and intelligent business person. I have always found Dave to be highly ethical and honest in not only our business dealings but in observing him as an individual. He would not recommend you for a particular product or service just to “make the sale.” It is not in his nature. If you receive a recommendation or advice from DMC Group, you can be sure that it will be based upon what is right for your individual situation and never on what will “place more money in his pocket.” You can feel confident dealing with DMC Group.

Linda S – Director, CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions

Dave McCarty has a strong background in the healthcare administration, government benefits and elder law. I have found Dave to be a very compassionate individual and extremely knowlegible resource for older adults. He relates to people of all ages in such a way to put them at ease so they are able to trust his counsel. I am privilege to work with him as a fellow colleague to enhance the lives of older adults.

Laura P

I have a great deal of respect for the integrity of you and your company.  You are proof that goodness and sound ethics are still valued.

Carol C

Dave is very knowledgeable, caring, compassionate and detail oriented about helping others with their healthcare needs. He uses his experience in healthcare to help others. Dave is also a good speaker. He makes you want to listen to his presentations very well.

Matt M

When I changed jobs and was between insurance coverage, Dave was an incredible help. I was unsure about different coverage options and he was able to explain everything in terms I could understand. His guidance made me confident I was making an educated decision and his attention to detail ensured there were no hassles in the enrollment process. I definitely recommend Dave as an expert in his field.

Sarah C

I have worked with Dave through both Crestwood Village and Freedom Senior Services. Dave serves as an excellent resource for seniors in regards to insurance, living wills, guardianships, etc. He provides his services with high integrity, and he is definitely someone you can trust!

Hugh R

I worked with Dave to find some interim health insurance during a time that I lacked any. He took me and my wife slowly and carefully through the process, until we found coverage that fit our budget and needs. He was very knowledgeable and great to work with: we found some great health coverage at a very reasonable rate.

Donald D

I purchased new health insurance coverage last year with the help of Dave and have always found Dave to be honest and very knowledgeable about the healthcare industry and would recommend him to anyone.

Jeff D  

I worked with Dave facilitating Financial Peace University to our men and women in the military. Dave has a wonderful understanding of healthcare cost and the benefits that are available to our men and women either in the service or retired. He does a great job of listening to his clients to find the most effective solution for their needs.

I highly recommend anyone who has government benefits and or is need of medical insurance to contact Dave and see what an amazing job he can and will do for you.

Carlotta K  

I refer all my senior clients to Dave because I know that he puts their best interests and needs first, not what’s in it for him. I never have to worry that they have the best Medicare Supplemental insurance policy to meet their needs. Dave is a true professional.

Robert I  

I was in between jobs and COBRA was becoming too expensive for my wife and me. I needed to consult with someone on the pitfalls and what was available in the insurance market. Dave helped me find a solution to our problem. In the interim I have reached out to Dave on several occasions, asking for advice on insurance. He is not afraid of saying he doesn’t know the answer; however, he finds the answer. I’d highly recommend him with your insurance needs.

Mary M  

Dave and I have partnered to become referral sources for one another. I feel very grateful to have Dave as a referral source and his years of experience. What sets Dave apart from the rest it that he adds value to the services that he offers. You would not be disappointed if you choose to do business with Dave! He is first on my list!

Jack K  

Dave was knowledgeable about his business and gave us good options. He is very personable.

Kim S  

Are you looking for an expert capable of guiding you through the complex area of health insurance and benefits for senior. Look no further. Dave is your man. I have the utmost respect for David as a true professional, a man of his word, and someone who truly has the best interest of his client at heart.

Linda B  

I have known Dave for over 4 years and he has worked with me and with others as a Certified Healthcare Consultant and Government Benefits Specialist giving out advice to those in need. He has always been professional and caring of those he has worked for and with. Namely, he has worked with the military, veterans, non-profit organizations and the public. He has always been most helpful in providing information and advice about healthcare and government benefits. He has a broad range of knowledge that has been helpful to many.

Dave is a man of high character and integrity and is true to his word. It is a pleasure knowing him all these years.

Elise R  

I highly recommend Dave to anyone in need of being educated to make an informed decision when buying Healthcare.  Dave has the expertise and the compassion to be a #1 choice when it comes to Healthcare coverage from individual health insurance to assisting with decisions regarding Medicare.

Daron G  

Dave is a gem among coal in the Insurance industry. There are plenty of insurance agents to choose from but not many are the caliber of Dave McCarty. His knowledge and care for his clients are unsurpassed. He will take the time to make sure you understand your options and help you make the best choice that is for you not the one best for his wallet. Dave is a trusted advisor and anyone that is lucky enough to have Dave as their agent should count themselves among those that are blessed to know him.

 Joe S  

Dave is an extremely qualified as a healthcare consultant and government benefits specialist. He has worked with our clients to help ease them into Medicare and has helped them understand the process, save money, and accomplish their objectives. Our clients have been very pleased in working with Dave. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone dealing with Senior issues.

Ann K  

I am recommending Dave McCarty for anyone who is seeking knowledge about Medicare, Medicaid and placement of a loved one into a nursing facility.

Dave has the utmost integrity and passion for his clients. I have experienced Dave’s professional manner first hand. He is the type of individual that I would choose to work with my parents and know that he has many years of knowledge behind him.

Dave has a wonderful presentation and caring presence that will make you feel comfortable even during a time of stress.

Mike C  

Dave helped my wife and me secure individual health care insurance, after the termination of our COBRA coverage. Dave was able to find two policies that addressed our unique insurance needs. We were impressed with Dave’s knowledge of not only the insurance options, but the entire health care market. His ability to find low cost prescription alternatives was totally unexpected, and very much appreciated.

William H  

Dave helped my spouse and I transition from COBRA coverage to private health coverage. Dave worked with us for 6 months searching, evaluating, recommending and applying for coverage. His efforts resulted in finding the appropriate coverage as we transitioned to private coverage. As we worked with Dave, his vast knowledge of the industry and caring attitude made the process less stressful. Simply put, if you have a health care issue or question, CALL DAVE!

Jim H  

Dave McCarty is the most knowledgable person I know regarding Medicare, Medicaid, VA and other government insurance benefits. He has extensive experience and is a truly caring individual. I am blessed to know him and to work with him as a co-presenter and referral partner.

Jeff K  

Dave is a solid individual with clients needs and goals as his highest priority. I reefer special need clients to Dave and rely on his integrity to assist our clients. Dave is also part of our business partnership network and I highly recommned Dave and his services.

Bob L  

Dave is a very honest and hard working individual that puts his clients interests above his own.

Chris W  

I highly recommend Dave as a consultant for healthcare and government benefits. Dave’s vast experience and knowledge make him a natural source of quality advice and guidance on healthcare and benefit decisions. Dave takes time to fully explain the options to each of his clients and they are all well served by working with him.

Heather S