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Dave150x150  Dave McCarty is a Certified Healthcare Consultant, Government Benefits Specialist and insurance broker not loyal to any insurance company. Dave has the background experience to be a life-long healthcare resource with over 30 years in hospital-assisted living-nursing home administration, Medicare-Medicaid management and healthcare law.  DMC Group assists individuals to best understand their options in a rapidly changing healthcare industry while protecting entitlement to government benefits and patient rights.  The most powerful customer take-away is in the question:

For the exact same money, would you rather have a high-pressure insurance salesman or a broker/consultant with valuable free support?

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  Amy McCarty is office manager for DMC Group, a licensed health & life insurance broker and Spanish language professor.  Her skills in organization, communication and training represent an important contribution to serving customers and employee development.  Amy’s enthusiasm, responsibility and consistently genuine character are appreciated by everyone she encounters.


CALL US NOW: 317-823-3713
DMC GROUP, 10604 Sealord Court, Indianapolis, Indiana 46236
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 Bill Newman is a Broker with DMC Group and a licensed health & life insurance agent.  Bill has been a business owner for 15 years, has worked with individuals as a financial advisor and worked with at-risk youth in Indianapolis helping them complete their high school education and find employment.  What attracted Bill to DMC Group is the company’s commitment to educate customers in order help them make the best healthcare insurance decisions.  At DMC Group, “Protecting the Middle Class from Bankruptcy by Healthcare” is more than a catchy phrase, it is something we do every day.

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DMC GROUP, 10604 Sealord Court, Indianapolis, Indiana 46236
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